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Tequila Herradura (officially Grupo Industrial Herradura) is a tequila distiller located in Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico. It was formally founded in 1870 by Félix López and the business remained in the family for over 125 years. Today it is owned by US beverage maker Brown-Forman, but the tequila is still made in the same place and facilities under a Mexican subsidiary. Tequila products sold under the Herradura name are 100% agave. The company makes other tequila products such as El Jimador, which is the best selling tequila in Mexico, as well as New Mix, a tequila and grapefruit soda beverage. Since its acquisition by Brown-Forman, Herradura has had a number of promotional efforts in Mexico and the United States, including inviting artists to use tequila barrels as the bases for art pieces, which are then displayed and auctioned off for charity.

Rangerdangerman, an angry visitor of Hacienda San José del Refugio, house of Tequila Herradura, wrote this on TripAdvisor on August 2019:

"We stopped at this spot while we were out for tequila at the end of the day. We bought their ultra clear tequila at Costco in Cabo San Lucas. We asked to try some of their others. They said we had to pay for a tour. We didn't have time for a tour. We bought a bottle of ultra and a supposedly better one for more money. It was horrible. It was called house collection. Beautiful bottle and box, but not good tequila. Also, the other bottle is much cheaper at Costco. It is not a good experience. We will stay with three women. Great tequila. Generous tastings and we love their Chula label. Also addictive is a delicious tequila. Some of our favorite"


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VZ says

"Property ID 5239 I have booked holidays before COVID 19 in January. The country went under lockdown, and airlines stopped operating. The owner refused to refund as he said due to companies policy he will not refund the booking as it is our problem for not travelling. Are you serious?! Do not trust the company! Its a pandemic, the government, doesn't allow to go and the airline is not flying to your destination, do I walk?"

Bridget says

"We booked a trip in September 2019 for a 2 week rental in Costa Brava for July 2020, through Spain-Holiday.com. When our daughter's doctor told us in April 2020 she could not travel for the remainder of the year, we contacted Spain-Holiday.com and advised them of the regret we had but we had to cancel. They took $935.02 US from us as the cancellation fee. I was stunned. I knew they required 25% fee for cancelling, but I did not realize it would be 25% of the entire fee, I thought it would be from the deposit we made. Their contract is not clear about this. They refused to work with us and told us to contact the owner, which we did, but he'd already been given our $935.02 US cancellation fee, so he/she never responded. This was for property ID 72037 - Villa Martina, Santa Maria de Llorel. Be very cautious of the HUGE cancellation fee from this company."

Anne Rhiger says

"Feriebolig-spanien.dk has done a lot to help us writing to the owner of the house. But it was not enough. Unfortunately, it is not an actual rental company. They are merely intermediaries and you can not be sure that tenants comply with the law. Hopefully few of their tenants are scammers, but we bumped into one of them. Spain is a nice country and so is Marbella where we have been several times. That’s why we invited our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren on a 14 days vacation in July 2020. We were going to stay in Villa Casa Milagro (29604) on Coto Correa 10E rented through Spain-holiday.com Feriebolig-Spanien.dk belonging to Jeanne Ueland, (Veronica Ueland / Sabrina Ueland made the contract) (paying 30 pct deposit to Their account named Nordic Mystic). According to the contract we were to rent the house in July 2020 and the lease was signed in March 2019 with payment of deposit of 30 percent - 3300 euros. and liable for 10 percent if canceled within 50 days prior to holiday start for whatever reason is. Due to corona and our age, no flights and the advice of the Ministry in Denmark, we chose to cancel the holiday and ask for only 20 percent back 2200 Euro although we could probably get 30 percent. But Veronica and Sabrina refuse to repay anything. So hereby warning to enter into rental agreements with them of any kind. They have offered a vouncher Instead but we do not need a House next time for 18 persons and when (if after this) we go to Spain next time, we are only 2 persons."

k says

"Booked a property through Spain Holidays prior to the current pandemic. Property ID 34323 in Javea, Spain. Unfortunately due to the current global situation, the owner Gabi de La Trobe could not provide the villa and to date, after many months of trying to get our money back has only just refunded us 70% of the money we paid and our cleaning charges- of a property we never visited! No recompense whatsoever for the 30% still outstanding. This company does not care about the customers who rent their properties. They are business based and censor out poor reviews. Apparently they can only advise a property owner of their recommendations, which begs the question why book through them when they offer no protection whatsoever and do not place any penalties upon rental owners. We left a review to warn others as we would not wish anyone to go through what we have, but unfortunately it was removed by Spain Holiday. They send you a review link, upon requesting one, and then delete negative reviews, citing various reasons that they come up with as they choose. Beware of properties with little feedback or outdated reviews-you know why! Spain Holiday likes to wash its hands of any problem and we would strongly advise you to not deal with this company-EVER! It is truly unbelievable how Spain-Holiday.com have so many 5 stars when this intermediary company simply doesn't care! UPDATE: Not surprisingly Spain Holiday contacted us, having previously washed their hands of our situation whereby they offered us no help at all apart from sorry, after they had seen we wrote this review. They expected us to forget our money and disappear as did the owner. They now state that they forced the owner to refund us 70% and requested we remove this review. Reviews are left for a reason and as Spain Holiday refuses to let us leave a review on their website and it seems lots of other people have experienced this, this will help to warn others. Despicable treatment from the villa owner and the company. No compassion at all. Avoid at all costs."

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